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Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Since Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GCTCM) was founded in 1965, it has been keeping the main educational concept “Development first, Quality foremost, Innovation subject and Training talents” as sustained educational aim. The college motto is “Great virtue and firm determination, diligent learning and arduous practice”. GCTCM focuses on training high level talents in traditional Chinese medicine area and aims to develop into a college of TCM of relatively complete school-running level with high quality of medical treatment, education and research which gives priory to traditional Chinese medicine and is supported by multidiscipline.

    GCTCM is located in Guiyang city, the capital city of Guizhou Province. GCTCM is consisted of North campus, South campus and Xuaxi new campus with the coverage of 1786.24 acres.

    There are 14 secondary schools and teaching departments such as School of Basic Medicine, School of Pharmacy, etc. (Complying with the situation of Massive Health Industry and Serving its development, School of Miao Medicine and School of TCM Health Preserving are newly approved in 2015.), more than 10 research institutions (including institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , institute of Chinese Material Medical , institute of ethnic medicine and etc.), 2 affiliated hospitals, 5 non-direct affiliated hospitals, 14 clinical teaching and field training hospitals and 46 non-medical training bases. Both of the two affiliated hospitals are ranked as AAA traditional Chinese medicine hospitals. No.1 affiliated hospital (also called Guizhou Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) is ranked as the Construction Unit of the National Key Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the National Further-study Base for Orthopedic Surgeons Under the Ministry of Health and Key Lab Construction Unit of Miao Medicine for the Treatment of Chronic Pain Under State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. No.2 affiliated hospital (also called Guizhou Provincial Hospital of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) is ranked as the Key Hospital of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Under State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    GCTCM is authorized to entitle the graduate students with master degrees in 3 first-level disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, with 20 secondary master degrees such as TCM Internal Medicine and with 4 Professional Master Degrees including Clinical Medicine, Chinese Material Medical, Nursing and Public Administration.

In GCTCM, there are 18 National Key Disciplines under SATCM, 1 National Key (cultivating) Discipline, 1 National Engineering and Technical Research Center, 1 Academician workstation, 19 National Prominent TCM Doctors’ Studios, 1 Key Lab under SATCM, 1 National Clinical Drug Trial Institution, 6 National Key Clinical specialties and 35 Key Specialties under SATCM and Guizhou Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Office.

    There are about 12,000 students and 760 faculties, among whom 322 people holding senior academic titles including 315 Master's Supervisors and 5 Doctoral Supervisors. The college has one national TCM Master, 17 supervisors of the academic successors of the national famous veteran doctors of TCM, 2 National First Orthopedics Masters and 3 Experts who obtained the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council.

    In the last 5 years, GCTCM has undertaken over 1,500 research projects at different levels. It is rated as the outstanding unit of national science and technology industrial base for TCM modernization construction by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the excellent team of the 11th five-year university science and technology management by the Ministry of Education.

    The college carries out international cooperation and exchanges actively. It has established academic exchange and cooperation relationship with a number of institutes and universities from America, France, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and other countries (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and it has also held a variety of international training courses of traditional Chinese medicine.

    GCTCM will adapt to the new normal and firmly grasp the precious opportunity of Massive Health Industry development, vigorously carry out the strategy of strengthening schools with talent and developing school with quality. It takes thought emancipation as the guide, reform and innovation as the motivation and managing the school by law as the means, making great efforts to open up a new prospect to accelerate the development.

Guiyang University of Chinese Medicine Huaxi university town, Guiyang , Guizhou
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