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Undergraduate Class of TCM
2016-03-16 22:14   审核人:

Aim of Teaching:Students will be trained to acquire the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skill of TCM. They will be taught to treat common diseases and frequently encountered diseases with knowledge of TCM and Western Medicine correctly.

Main Courses:Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Disease(Shang Han Lun), Internal medicine of TCM, Medicine, External Medicine of TCM, Surgery, Evidence-based medicine (EBM), Gynecology of TCM, Otorhinolaryngology of TCM, Pediatrics of TCM, Orthopedics of TCM, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Jin Kui Yao Lue, Science of Seasonal Febrile disease (Wen Bing Xue), Theories of Different Schools of TCM, Emergency Medicine of TCM, Clinical skills Training, etc.

Language for Courses:Chinese;

Length of Schooling:Five years. Bachelor of Medicine.

Professional Resources for TCM Discipline

The administration and education are totally depending on No.1 Affiliated Hospital of GCTCM. The No.1 Affiliated Hospital had been founded in 1956 which is the greatestAAA Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals combined medical, education and research. The allocation of beds is up to 1000, actually 1500 beds available. There are 33 clinical departments and medical laboratories, 600 thousands outpatients and 30 thousands discharged patients annually. The disciplines in hospital are comprehensive and characterized by TCM prominently.

Medical Institutions for clinical practice:

Provincial specialized hospital: Anorectal Hospital of Guizhou Province, Encephalopathy Hospitals of Guizhou Province, Orthopedic Hospital of Guizhou Province.

Provincial Centers for Diagnosis and Treatment: Ocular Fundus Diseases of TCM Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Guizhou Province, The Integration of TCM and Western Medical Endocrine Diseases Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Guizhou Province.

National Key Disciplines: Endocrinology of TCM, Encephalopathy of TCM, Acupuncture, Anorectal disease of TCM, Ophthalmology of TCM, Science of Nursery of TCM, Miao Medicine, Psychology of TCM, Preventive Medicine of TCM.

National Key Special Diseases: Diabetes, Cerebralapoplexy, Fundus Diseases, Thyroid disease.

Key Specialized Clinical Departments of Health Ministry: Endocrinology Department, Encephalopathy Department, Anorectal Department, Department of Internal Medicine of the Spleen and Stomach Diseases.

National Key Specialized Departments: Department of Internal Medicine of the Spleen and Stomach Diseases, Anorectal Department, Emergency Department.

Provincial Key Specialized Subjects: Anorectal Disease of TCM, Dermatology of TCM, Pneumology of TCM.

Provincial Key Specialized Departments: Orthopedic Department, Department of Lung Disease, Department of Internal Medicine of the Spleen and Stomach Diseases, Anorectal Department, Gynecology Department, Dermatology Department, Nephrology Department, Emergency Department, Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Cardiology Department.

These institutions apply efficient condition for clinical practice and benefit to improving ability of practice.

Teaching Team:

There are 317 teachers (including 43 Senior title staff, 65 vice-senior title staff , 92 middle title staff); The college has one National TCM Master, 20 supervisors of the Academic Successors of the National Famous Veteran Doctors of TCM, 21 Guizhou Provincial Famous Doctors of TCM, 1 postdoctoral instructor, 6 doctor instructors, more than 50 graduate instructors and 5 Provincial Famous Teachers.

In last 5 years, 595 teaching and research papers have been published including 51 papers in SCI, 397 papers in Chinese core journal, 147 papers in Chinese general journal. They achieved the second prize of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress, 1 Teaching Achievements Prize at the National Level, 5 Teaching Achievements Prize at the Provincial Level, 38 Teaching Achievements Prize at the Bureau Level.

The Foreign Exchange Programs:

In recent years, the TCM discipline had carried out foreign exchange programs actively. Many teachers had gone to USA, Singapore, Japan for studying and exchanging. They had carried out gratuitous clinic of ophthalmology with Korean team and made 315 cataract patients see light again. They also visited Taiwan and investigated for Massive Health Program of our province.

Experiment and Practice of TCM

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