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Huang Guoguang, vice president of Taiwan Tajen University visit to Our University
2016-12-14 11:02   审核人:

Vice President of Tajen University Professor Guoguang Huang, Vice CEO of the Office of Internationaland Cross-Strait Affairs Mr. Shanren Zeng, and their party paid an exchange visit to our institutionon the morning of December 12, 2016. The personnel concerned at our institution, including the Deputy Secretary of Party CommitteeWang, the Director of the Teachers’ Affairs OfficePeng, the Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange andCooperation Xi, the Deputy Party Secretary Chai andDeputy Dean of the School of Pharmacy, as well as the professors and counselors concerned, held asymposium with the visitors in the meeting room on the third floor of the Pharmacy Building.

At the symposium, Mr. Shanren Zeng gave anintroduction to the recent development of TajenUniversity, showing how the students from MainlandChina study and live in Taiwan. Vice PresidentGuoguang Huang expressed the hope to initiate aprogram for Taiwanese students to receive short-term training in Guizhou, to further promote bothsides’ cooperation on scientific research andexchange. The Deputy Secretary of Party CommitteeWangexpressed a wish on behalf of our institutionto further strengthen the cooperation on teacherstudent exchange and scientific research to achieve joint development. After the symposium, Vice President Guoguang Huang and his party paid a visit toour herb greenhouse in the company of the professor ShunzhiHe at the School of Pharmacy and the Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchangeand Cooperation, where they made a deep discussion on the teacher/student exchange program.

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